Brad recently served as the 2nd Assistant District
Attorney in Madison County, where he handled felony level cases ranging from attempted murder and manslaughter, to robbery, domestic violence, and felony DWI. He prosecuted these cases in County Court every day. Over the course of his time in the District Attorney’s office he successfully prosecuted thousands of cases in Madison County and spent hundreds of hours in the courtroom fighting for justice for victims and our community.


The experience of being in the courtroom as a representative of the People of the State of New York, and specifically Madison County, has been the most rewarding role of his career. He takes great pride in representing our citizens professionally and competently to ensure that justice is done in each case he handles.

Prior to becoming an Assistant District Attorney, Brad worked for the Mackenzie Hughes Law Firm in Syracuse and also maintained a private law practice in Cazenovia for six years. The vast majority of his private practice dealt with representing children in Family Court as an “Attorney for the Child.” After undergoing specialized training and being certified by the State, he represented children in cases where it was alleged they had been abused or neglected by their parents. Every day, he worked to ensure the most vulnerable members of our community were protected and that all decisions made were in their best interests.

Both as an Assistant District Attorney and previously as an Attorney representing children, he has spent his entire career fighting for what is right in Madison County Court. That experience in the courtroom is something that can’t be replicated anywhere else and is invaluable for anyone that aspires to be a Judge. The ability to recognize issues before they arise and to respond quickly to situations as they come up in court is something that can only be achieved by firsthand experience. No other candidate possesses the day to day courtroom experience that Brad has and he believes that his experience makes him uniquely prepared for this position.

In all of Brad's cases in Madison County Court, and throughout his entire legal career, Brad has earned a reputation for fairness, honesty and integrity. He prides himself on having a consistent and composed temperament that he believes will serve Madison County well in the administration of justice for years to come. That combined with his extensive experience in the courtroom, will allow him to hit the ground running on day one, as the County Court Judge.​

In addition to Brad's legal experience over the past 11 years, he has proudly served his community in different roles. He's currently the Vice President of the Madison County Bar Association and previously served as a judicial delegate for the 6th Judicial District Convention where he represented Madison County in the process of nominating Supreme Court Judges. As part of Brad's commitment to serving the community he has previously served as a Board of Director for the Cazenovia food bank, Caz Cares.


Brad, his wife Kate, and their two young daughters, Olivia and Emma, currently reside in Cazenovia.